The International ABA community aims to promote ABA as a proficient, safe and effective treatment. It is strongly recommended that only those with appropriate qualifications provide ABA services that involve independently designing, implementing and supervising interventions. All others assisting in the provision of ABA services require direct supervision from a qualified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Becoming a BCBA involves acquiring a master’s degree in behaviour analysis, or a related natural science such as education, human services, engineering or medicine. It also involves the completion of 225 postgraduate coursework hours in behaviour analysis and the completion of 1500 hours of BCBA supervised fieldwork.

Courses that confer eligibility to sit the BACB (Behaviour Analyst Certification Board) exams are available from several Irish Universities:

MSc in ABA – NUI Galway
Structured PhD in ABA – NUI Galway
Postgraduate Diploma in ABA – Trinity College Dublin
MSc in ABA – Trinity College Dublin
MSc in Psychology (ABA) – Trinity College Dublin
PgDip/MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis – Coleraine, University of Ulster
Doctorate in Psychology (Behaviour Analysis and Therapy) – NUI Maynooth
MSc/PHD in ABA – Queen’s University Belfast