BCBA Supervisor Post Certification Training:

BCBA Supervisor Post Certification Training 

(8 hr workshop: 8 CEUs)

As part of the new BACB requirements, all BCBA Supervisors must complete;

8 hrs CPD in a post certification, competency-based, BACB approved training module or workshop on Supervision.

To fulfill these requirements, the DBA will be hosting a workshop which will be delivered by Rita Honan PhD, BCBA-D, in The Psychological Society of Ireland Offices, Grantham Street, Dublin 8.

BCBA Supervisor Post Certification Training
(8 hr workshop: 8 CEUs) Dec 6th 2014

PSI Offices Dublin 9.30-6pm Cost €110 (DBA Members €100)

The BACB 2012 Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline will serve as the basis for this 8 hour training.

Summarily, the goals at the conclusion of this workshop are for the participants to be able to:

  • describe the function of supervision
  • identify the constituents and process of a supervisory relationship
  • describe how the major models of clinical supervision can be adapted for use when supervising behaviour analysts
  • detail the key characteristics of supervisory content and practices in applied behaviour analysis
  • describe their approach to evaluation/performance feedback in the supervisory relationship
  • describe and discuss the ethical issues related to supervision
  • use information from the workshop to build a more effective model for their own supervisory practice

Registration Details

Places MUST be pre-registered through the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) website:


Attendees must arrive in advance of the workshop in order to sign in and collect their evaluation sheets. Please remember to sign out also and return the evaluation sheets in order to achieve your CEUs. Attendees must attend for the entire duration of the workshop.

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